East Gippsland Road Maintenance 

Indicative Value:  $6 Million per annum
   Date:  2013 - 2019
EGSC Road Maintenance Contract 
Whelans Group is contracted to undertake the road maintenance for all East Gippsland Shire owned roads. East Gippsland Shire covers approximately 10% of Victoria, the extent of which is shown below:
The road maintenance contract involves maintaining approximately 5,000km of road, some of which extend into alpine regions.
This maintenance involves:
  • Grading all unsealed roads three times annually including topping up with additional road pavement material as required.
  • Shoulder and edge maintenance, and potholing and crack sealing of sealed roads,
  • Drainage works including: pit inspections and culvert cleaning.
  • Clearing dead wildlife and fallen trees from the road.
  • 24 hours on‐call emergency works.
Maintenance work is carried out over three separate contract areas, managed by our two area supervisors. Each of our supervisors manage several crews who undertake maintenance work out of our regional depots.
Our maintenance contract also covers two airfields, Marlo and Mallacoota, which requires trained ARO’s, of which Whelans employs six. We liaise with air traffic control whenever works are in progress to ensure the safe passage of aircraft through or around our works.